Ethos and Values


We aim to provide the highest quality all-round education for each and every child, in partnership with parents, within the context of a Christian community, where we are all “Working, Learning and Celebrating Together”.

Hipswell Church of England Primary School Vision:

We aim to foster a culture in which all members play a unique part in our shared experience of ‘Working, Learning and Celebrating together’. Our Christian ethos encourages supportive friendships with, and between, both civilian and military communities. We aspire for pupils always to feel safe and valued here as part of Hipswell School, growing naturally towards becoming confident, independent, self-motivated and compassionate individuals, who make a life-giving contribution to the world.


We try to live like this, because as a school with a Christian Foundation, we especially value the teachings of Jesus Christ:

  • We are kind, helpful and polite (The Golden Rule)
  • We listen carefully to each other (Respect)
  • We are welcoming and friendly (Kindness)
  • We try to do our best, even when things are hard or go wrong (Perseverence)
  • We are honest, and try to learn from our mistakes as much as when things go well  (Truth)
  • We share with each other (Generosity)
  • We try to forgive others (Forgiveness)

Parents’ Views

Please find below some comments from parents:

`Brilliant school, my children have more one-to-one care than other schools.’

`My child says, “my teacher is lovely and is very good at teaching.” She feels sad about having to leave next year because the school is “the best thing ever”. I think that the school does a fantastic job creating a calm and settled environment for children who face a lot of change and disruption in their lives. At the same time, the school isn’t complacent about results and works hard to get the best from every child. I also really appreciate the effort that goes into organising enrichment activities such as theatre visits to the school.’

‘My children are as happy as they can be in their primary learning years. We will be sad to leave Hipswell as a family next year and wish we could pick up the whole school and take it with us. We feel that the leadership and strong ethos to achieve as high as you can, in addition to the genuine caring attitude of ALL staff is what makes Hipswell so special.’

`My son has only been at Hipswell since September and I could highly recommend this school. He has excelled a lot and I am very pleased.’

`The school provides a positive environment for learning whilst being a happy and secure place to be.’

‘All my boys have attended Hipswell and I strongly belive it is the best school in Catterick Garrison.’

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